Family Swimming

When we’re not busy teaching swimming our 15 x 8 meter pool is available for female or male lane swimming and Family Swims.  


The swimming pool is heated to a comfortable temperature around 30 degrees. Chlorine levels are kept as low as possible and our pool is UV treated making it kinder to your skin and hair. 


Sweet smelling, Bramley Little B products in our showers. Born out of the great British countryside and a playful take on Bramley’s award-winning collection of bath & body care, Gentle and calming essential oils to nurture delicate skin. 

Swimming Nature

Our swimming classes, for all ages years are led by our in-house teachers, trained in our approach and methodology give students the confidence to learn and explore in their own way, at their own pace.  


At Swimming Nature we believe that swimming is a natural human ability that anyone can master. Our technique, teaching method and underlying philosophy are unlike anything you’ll find at any other provider.


Swimming Nature lessons are available in our pool. Learn or improve your swimming with our expert swimming instructors.

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